An android

An android is a robot[1] or synthetic organism[2] designed to look and act human. The word derives from ανδρός, the genitive of theGreek ανήρ anēr, meaning “man”, and the suffix -eides, used to mean “of the species; alike” (from eidos, “species”). Though the word derives from a gender-specific root, its usage in English is usually gender neutral. The term was first mentioned by St. Albertus Magnus in 1270[3] and was popularized by the French writer Villiersin his 1886 novel L’Ève future, although the term “android” appears in US patents as early as 1863 in reference to miniature humanlike toy automations.[4]
Thus far, androids have largely remained within the domain ofscience fiction, frequently seen in film and television. However, somehumanoid robots now exist.
The term “droid” – invented by George Lucas in Star Wars (1977) but now used widely within science fiction -=2 0although originally an abbreviation of “android”, has been used (by Lucas and others) to 


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